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Embrace 02: Atrium Part 2

“I’m getting ahead of myself though. I’m talking about Atrium and you’ve got no idea what or where that is.

Back then it was a forgotten sort of place, a few faded streets, not even a ward in its own right. All of Embrace had its weirdness from our departed remnants to deal with, but Atrium – jammed between the docks and the Tear, the Jackals and the Castings – had more than most.”

Embrace 01: Atrium Part 1

“Belka, you asked me before about my exile, about how I came to join Vilte’s parish, about why I left Embrace. I think I’m just about ready to tell that story. Now, there’s a lot to hear – about the revolution, about the Ginnels and the Swifts, the bastard nim Shifs and the defiant Maybes.

First though, let’s start with what’s important: that city is a fucking hole.”

A Quick Announcement and Q&A Link

Hi everyone! We’ve got no new episode this week. We were planning on editing together the Q&A we recorded a couple of weeks back on Twitch, but we had some technical glitches. Instead, we’ve put the full recording on our youtube channel for people to watch. Hopefully, we’ll be able to edit the Q&A at some point in the future for people to listen to as a podcast episode, but for now, we’re moving onto the production of Embrace.

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