Cast Members

Adam Dixon
Host / GM
Adam (left) makes and writes games about folklore, vast landscapes, and small unknowns. He works on weird LARPs beyond human ken, and is haunted by the band Thin Lizzy.

Twitter: @adtidi

Thryn Henderson
Editor | Belka / Ezra
Thryn is a non-binary narrative designer and crafts person, patiently harbouring a skeleton. They're working on a PhD in personal games, and spend a lot of time in the dirt.

Twitter: @thairyn

Steve Martin
Bris / Ash
Steve is a game designer with a growing dossier of unfinished RPG characters and unmade games. He spends most of his time eating biscuits and wishing Netrunner was still alive.

Twitter: @purple_steve

Ziz Simoens
Challa / Neah
Ziz is a small dance creature, and a real-world game designer who can't seem to escape play. She spends all day every day with games, and also her dog.

Twitter: @seasylphgames

Ryan Evans
Venz / Ivar
Ryan is a professional healthcare person and games enthusiast. He politely requests that you send him your favourite 80s inspired synthesizer songs immediately.

Twitter: @brainxray

Beck Michalak
Beck is rarely seen outside of their natural habitat of boggy marshland but can be summoned through arcane rituals or through their website

Twitter: @r_michalak

One-Shot Guests

Nate Crowley
The Envoys of Relict
Nate Crowley is an SFF and humour author with Harper Voyager, Rebellion, and Black Library, as well as being reviews editor for Rock Paper Shotgun and a full time crab enthusiast.

Twitter: @frogcroakley