Cast Members

Adam Dixon
Host / GM
Adam (left) makes and writes games about folklore, vast landscapes, and small unknowns. He works on weird LARPs beyond human ken, and is haunted by the band Thin Lizzy.

Twitter: @adtidi

Thryn Henderson
Editor | Belka / Ezra
Thryn is a non-binary narrative designer and crafts person, patiently harbouring a skeleton. They have a PhD in personal games, and spend a lot of time in the dirt.

bsky: @bonemade

Steve Martin
Bris / Ash
Steve is a game designer with a growing dossier of unfinished RPG characters and unmade games. He spends most of his time eating biscuits and wishing Netrunner was still alive.

Twitter: @purple_steve

Ziz Simoens
Challa / Neah
Ziz is a small dance creature, and a real-world game designer who can't seem to escape play. She spends all day every day with games, and also her dog.

Twitter: @seasylphgames

Ryan Evans
Venz / Ivar
Ryan is a professional healthcare person and games enthusiast. He politely requests that you send him your favourite 80s inspired synthesizer songs immediately.

Twitter: @brainxray

Beck Michalak
Beck is rarely seen outside of their natural habitat of boggy marshland but can be summoned through arcane rituals or through their website

Twitter: @r_michalak

One-Shot Guests

Nate Crowley
Eolith: The Envoys of Relict
Nate Crowley is an SFF and humour author with Harper Voyager, Rebellion, and Black Library, as well as being reviews editor for Rock Paper Shotgun and a full time crab enthusiast.
Helen Gould
This Thing We Started
Helen is a writer and sensitivity consultant, as well as a regular on the Rusty Quill Gaming podcast
Ben Meredith
The Brokenhearted
Ben is a game designer and voice actor, mainly through Rusty Quill