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Embrace 38: I Know Everything Must Die

c/w body horror, family conflict, betrayal

“Embrace is a hole. A rip in the heart of the world. It’s like the gardens of Crown’s Ait – petal and green cloistered by wall from the world around. Ordered sweeps of fragrant colour and soft, useless lawn. Beautiful, I’m sure, but that beauty belies the effort put into maintaining it”

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Ryne Crowdfunder Has Launched!

Fans of the first season for TFR, Tiding, might remember Ryne as the game we built to play on the podcast. An emotion based game of wild fantasy and shifting landscapes, it’s come a long way since we first aired an episode!

We’re now crowdfunding for Ryne to go into production as a hardback book, as well as being released as a fully bookmarked and hyperlinked pdf. We’ve got a tonne of beautiful art, a full ruleset, 10 rolebooks, 8 territories, and more – we’ve really expanded on what was in place for Tiding, and we’ve love to share it with you and your tables.

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