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Embrace 30: We’re At The Gates, We’re At Your Door

c/w blood, threats, major injury, prisons, jailbreak

“I imagine in their heads, they were biding time and collecting their forces, ready at any moment to take the fight to the upstart nim Shifs. In truth, they were kidding themselves. Their doom were writ on Fate’s tapestry, their line would soon be done.”

Embrace 29: Torn The Banner From The Line

c/w prisons, jailbreak, murder

“We declare now the institution of the Common Government of Embrace and proclaim immediate:

The dissolution of Embrace’s council.
The institution of an Assembly representative of the city’s common citizenry.
That this Assembly establish a constitution by which a future government will be formed. It will provide governance during this transitional period, and no person shall hold it back from these duties.
Citizens of houses Callad, Daker, Prilicent, Shif, their invested lesser houses and those serving the former council are forbidden from sitting in the Assembly.”

Embrace 28: A Party When The Wolf Comes Home

c/w political unrest, takeover of government building, protest, violence

“For one moment, the night before, I’d known something like peace. For hours half-a-dozen of us had written and debated and drafted, putting words to the cause that carried our bones. LV was the one to set it and I remember the clacking of their presses as they created copy after copy. The smell of the heat and the paper and the ink lives with me even now. I remember thinking that I should sleep, we should sleep, for the day ahead of us. But how could we, when the future long fought for was being given life before our eyes.”

Embrace 27: No Masters Or Kings

“The early sessions were long and chaotic, stretching through night and dawn. We slept on the hall’s pews, rather than leaving. Fuelled by a freedom centuries hoped for, it would take time to find our structure and rhythm. There were proposals about fundamental rights alongside those for docking permits, debates about abolition of the swifts alongside those about local bridge tolls.”

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An update on Embrace

Alongside the release of today’s episode, we just wanted to give an update to listeners about the rest of the series. We realise this may be difficult listening for a lot of people right now; Embrace is a series built around revolution. 

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