Hello friends!

We’re delighted to let you know that all three of our special episodes recorded with Rusty Quill Gaming are now out and available to listen through their patreon! Any backer at the £4 Rusty Knight level or above will be able to listen to the full session that Adam and Thryn recorded alongside the excellent Lydia, Helen and Ben. (If you back for a month just for a cheeky three episode listen, we won’t snitch on you).

The session features the new version of Ryne that we’ll be playing for season two of Tiding (including a new rolebook called The Tiller, and new set of rules for conflicts). We had a lot of fun recording with them, and we really hope you enjoy it. It’s got a ghost in a damp book, land disputes, priests in wildly impractical glass hats, and spherical wire wool sheep! A whole host of delights!