We’ve got a Patreon now!

We’ve been releasing These Flimsy Rituals episodes for a little over two years now, and so far we’ve done it totally free. Over that time though, we’ve ended up racking up some podcasting Stuff costs, (art, games, software, equipment) that we’d like to do something about, if we can.

So, if you’ve enjoyed the show, and are financially stable enough to support us in this way, we’d love to give you some extra love from us in exchange for keeping the show going! We’ll be sharing a bunch of our behind the scenes content, as well as running a monthly supporters only livestream where we chat about show production, and we’ll enshrine you forever on our website’s supporters page (if you want!).

Initially, supporting us on Patreon will help us to keep paying for this websites’ hosting, and to pay the cast back from the equipment and software that’s been bought so far (which would be great!). In the future, we’d love to be able to support the cast for their work, buy indie games for Shards & Fragments episodes, and commission more artists for future seasons. We’ve got dreams!

If you’re not in a place where you can support our Patreon, that’s okay! We release the show for free because we love doing it, after all. We’d love it if you could share the show, though, or get involved with our discord, or recommend us to a friend. Any support is good support, and we love to hear from fans who are enjoying the work we do!

Thank you all for listening!