Alongside the release of today’s episode, we just wanted to give an update to listeners about the rest of the series. We realise this may be difficult listening for a lot of people right now; Embrace is a series built around revolution. 

For now, we’ll be deciding on a week by week basis if we want to release episodes (as well as if we want to keep recording them) if we believe they’re going to cause harm. It feels important to say that none of the episodes of Embrace are here to make any heavy-handed parallels to the Black Lives Matter protests, or the lived experiences of black people – of any BIPOC. Not because it isn’t important, but because those are not our stories to tell. 

The whole season of Embrace now comes with a pretty heavy set of content warnings, which we’ll try to be as thorough with as we can. Although we record these sessions months in advance, we’ve ended up with a lot of mirrors to real world events. These might be difficult to listen to, and we urge you to draw the line on engaging with the podcast wherever it feels comfortable for you. 

The advice to everyone is to check before you listen, and to please be careful if you’re in a difficult place right now – the series draws heavily on our own experiences with class and the police, and both of these things feature heavily, unavoidably, in the episodes

We stand, unequivocally, in support of the protests, in support of radical action, and in support of anti-racist movements. If you do not, feel free to stop listening to our podcast and instead spend some time reading and donating. We’ve provided some links below.


#BlackLivesMatter #NoJusticeNoPeace #DefundThePolice 


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