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Embrace 39: Choked By Your Embrace

cw: betrayal, death, violence, arrest  

“Boctive Deign, Xenarus Crow, Neah nim Gorse – they’d fill the air with blood and smoke. Their treachery had already claimed Boleth and Serrivomer, they came for us next.

There are those that rightly call the Lodge a sanctuary, but I will never step foot there again. For me that place is nowt but a tomb, in its halls our revolution is buried.”

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Embrace 33: Look The Bastards In The Eye

c/w intense peril, kettling, implied death

“From Crown’s Ait, three columns of nim Shif soldiers marched on us, followed by Ministers and the Lanterns and the fucking Swifts. And at their head Valour and Vigor themselves, armour gleaming and spears in hand, come to remove the last bit of grit from the shine of their ambition.

The second siege of Tail’s End were upon us and we welcomed it.”