c/w murder, assassination, heavy wounds, explosions, jailbreak, unreality

“Already, there were tears forming in the fabric of our banners. Soon, we’d all be grasping at them, each claiming that we should be the ones to hold them aloft. We’d tear the whole canvas apart.”

Slipping through the cut, Ash tries to linger amongst the chaos of Lastreach. The revolutionaries have stormed the inner fort and the stubborn remnants of the Hellebore Guard stand between them and the prisoners. Ash can feel something clawing at him though, pulling him elsewhere. Can he hold on long enough to find Mariana, to free his mum?

~~ PEOPLE ~~

Anancrik Rise: Leader of the Flint Street Knappers. Once a friend of Ezra and Nilkat, but life has taken them on a different path.

Carn nim Daker: Captain of the Hellebore Guard, personal bodyguard of Strau nim Callad and a deathly efficient soldier.

Cloak’s Danse: Captain of the Hellebore Guard, personal bodyguard of Strau nim Callad and a deathly efficient soldier.

Crooner: A former Jackal, turned Minister of the True, turned apparent radical. Despite his outward joviality, sai come with a bloody reputation.

Galena nim Ovid: The imposing head of the Umbral Provenders and Ash’s aunt. She has ambitious plans for the city.

Lena Fisher: The self-declared Tether of Rialla’s Harbour. A former sailor turned radical priest, who teaches a doctrine focused on community.

Mariana Pinder: Ash’s mum and co-owner of their shop. Arrested for standing up to the Swifts.

Rinsaya Cinalo: A former Minister, who served as second to Crooner. Has a reputation for pragmatic idealism.

Status Raglan: A political darling of Embrace, jailed after he took credit for Atrium getting a vote.

Strau nim Callad: New-crowned head of the nim Callads, following the death of their father Harnal. Fearing nim Shif assassins, is in hiding on Lastreach.


Hellebore Guard: The elite private army of the nim Callads. The house’s money has ensured that their skill hasn’t waned, even as the house’s power has.

nim Callad: The former monarchs of Embrace, who refuse to release their grip on their burnished gold. They own most of the city’s land, extracting extortionate rents.

Episode title from Marigold by Mother Falcon

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Hosted by Adam Dixon. Starring Beck Michalak, Elizabeth Simoens, Ryan Evans, Steve Martin and Thryn Henderson.

Produced by Thryn Henderson

Series art by Ben Swinden

Music taken from Kai Engel’s Satin