c/w thought invasion, injury, explosions

“If we had one advantage, it was that we faced them on our own turf. Most of the fighting would take place amongst the gambling dens and race courses of Hinter Ward. If there were anywhere suited to turn the odds, it were there.”

~~ PEOPLE ~~

Ahste Whist: One of the seven, a group of revolutionaries who mutinied on a warship during the time of the People’s Ward.

Branch & Fleece: The chaotic leaders of the Likelihood Lads. The lasses have an ongoing love/hate relationship with Ivar.

Carn nim Daker: The ancient founder of the Tenders, the slayer of Caerdroia and Rodella. Body mythologised, sai rule the Jackals still.

Crik Rise: Leader of the Flint Street Knappers. Once a friend of Ezra and Nilkat, but life has taken them on a different path.

Dorish nim Shif: A younger member of the nim Shifs. Still a child, appears as a Jackal in Tiding.

Eviron Eaves: A prominent member of the Winter’s Lodge who the others look to for leadership.

Galena nim Ovid: The imposing head of the Umbral Provenders and Ash’s aunt. She has ambitious plans for the city.

Valour nim Shif: The leader of the nim Shifs who now stands on the precipice of fulfilling all of her family’s ambitions.


Jackals: More formally known as the Tenders of the Dawn’s Embers, the Jackals are an organisation of remnant hunters guided by strange divination.

Likelihood Lads: A group of bookmakers and petty thieves who run the Loven Street races.

nim Shif: Embrace’s newest great family. Plotting to take over the city with silvered tongues and bloody blades.

Pale Lanterns: A group once founded to guide stray spirits, but over time their purpose has slipped from benevolent, to enforcers, to oppressors.

Trusted: A small cell of revolutionaries loyal to Neah, headed by Ido Ozk Erut.

~~ PLACES ~~

Hinter Ward: Embrace’s southernmost ward. The north is dense tenements, while the south has been abandoned to marsh and spirit.

Winter’s Lodge: A place pulled out from the cut. A shifting collection of mismatched architecture. A shell for the gall.

Episode title from Science/Visions by CHVRCHES

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Hosted by Adam Dixon. Starring Beck Michalak, Elizabeth Simoens, Ryan Evans, Steve Martin and Thryn Henderson.

Produced by Thryn Henderson

Series art by Ben Swinden

Music taken from Kai Engel’s Satin