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Embrace 15: With My Own Blood In My Mouth

c/w police, between 55’33 and 59’57: family conflict/threats and discussion of disfigurement

“Drawing connection between the revolution’s many parts was its own challenge. Both because we were a house built with uncommon brick and because of the families desire to keep us disparate. Ezra and Oken wouldn’t be the only ones to find trouble.”

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Embrace 13: All Hell Breaks Loose

c/w description of insects and spiders, violence, NPC death

“For as long as I’d known, resistance in Embrace had been like puddles in the cobbles. Disparate, kept separate by the foundations of the city. Over there a union of factory workers fighting for pay and safety; here a group trying to raise their voices above Parsant’s tight dogma. For us Ginnels, so much of our work had been trying to score trenches between those waters, to turn puddle, into pool, into flood.”

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Embrace 12: These Kids Proposing Mischief

c/w description of police violence (in intro: 0’00 to 2’43)

“Over the next few weeks, the families paraded their victory over us. Their news-sheets celebrating the crushing of the radical ward of Atrium and the arrest of the heretic priest Lena Fisher.

The press’ insults were the easiest taunt to brush off, their actions were harder to stomach. ”

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Embrace 11: For A Moment Or So

c/w police violence and named NPC death (1:21:30 to 1:25:46. If you skip the description but want the facts, check below episode notes), natural disaster (earthquake)

“Those moments were just a glimpse though. They’d soon be brought to an end. Disaster brings out the best in communities, and the worst in authority.” I can’t remember if it was Serrivomer or Boctive that said that, but either way, those words would prove prophetic.”

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Embrace 08: If I Had A Voice I Would Sing

“Heat in Embrace wraps close to the skin – saturating, condensation mingling with sweat. There’s a texture to it that I’ve not felt anywhere else. When the sun breaks, it doesn’t tip-toe through dawn. It’s there in its full fury, from moment of first light til its dusk retreat.

That summer the city blistered. The scrimshawers were kept busy repairing cracks in bone; the Trill’s moisture was the only thing that stopped the fleshwood from igniting. Our tempers though were frayed to wicks, ready to catch. Hulling day would be the spark.”

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Embrace 07: This Ain’t No Disguise

“As much as Maybes had leaders, Ezra was the Jubilant’s. When we took Oken, others in the Ginnels had a dozen ideas for different ways we could use him – whether that be as a bargaining chip with the council or turning him into the weapon the Jackal’s said he was. It took all my sway to keep him with the Jubilant. I reasoned that if Ezra could help a fool like me, then just maybe they could do the same with Oken.”

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Embrace 06: Ain’t No Need To Feel Alone

“Then, there were the Jubilant. They weren’t professional or ruthless; they weren’t calculating or swift-tongued – but, they had their ways. They were resourceful, broad-hearted and brave. Uncertain in a way that kept them open to other means of doing things.

Others liked to dismiss them. All they saw was the messes they created but they never watched for long enough to see that, no matter how dire the situation, they always found a way back out.”