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Embrace 06: Ain’t No Need To Feel Alone

“Then, there were the Jubilant. They weren’t professional or ruthless; they weren’t calculating or swift-tongued – but, they had their ways. They were resourceful, broad-hearted and brave. Uncertain in a way that kept them open to other means of doing things.

Others liked to dismiss them. All they saw was the messes they created but they never watched for long enough to see that, no matter how dire the situation, they always found a way back out.”

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Embrace 05: Deny Your Maker

“Us that used to play in the alleys and backstreets of Calvary had a game. A bunch of us would cluster together, locked arm-to-arm, roaring and vicious, pretending to be a remnant. Whoever was left got to be one of the Tenders, would try and take that giggling mass of bodies down. They’d pretend to be Carn nim Daker or Arbor’s Precident or another of their legends.

Everyone had their favourite, though there was one we always fought over. Oken nim Shalif, the slayer of Relict and the Ochre Hull. And on those streets where we played, we could see the tower where he was said to keep watch, asleep until Embrace needed him.”

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Embrace 03: Atrium Part 3

“After their worldly Guidance, Tovak, died and Rialla’s Harbour was left without leadership, who else but Lena would dare say that they’re going to lead it as its new, folk-chosen head? Then to start harboring the likes of us – rebels and dissidents, maybes and ginnels – while her right to be there was still being questioned. Well, I guess shame on us for not seeing the day they built those barricades and declared themselves a free ward coming. That really was the start of things…”

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Embrace 02: Atrium Part 2

“I’m getting ahead of myself though. I’m talking about Atrium and you’ve got no idea what or where that is.

Back then it was a forgotten sort of place, a few faded streets, not even a ward in its own right. All of Embrace had its weirdness from our departed remnants to deal with, but Atrium – jammed between the docks and the Tear, the Jackals and the Castings – had more than most.”

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Embrace 01: Atrium Part 1

“Belka, you asked me before about my exile, about how I came to join Vilte’s parish, about why I left Embrace. I think I’m just about ready to tell that story. Now, there’s a lot to hear – about the revolution, about the Ginnels and the Swifts, the bastard nim Shifs and the defiant Maybes.

First though, let’s start with what’s important: that city is a fucking hole.”