“And so the first Assembly formed, as our whole revolution broad and various, came with their grievances and their doubts, their dreams and their ideals, and their hopes for what would come next”

In the shifting halls of Winter’s Lodge, Embrace’s first People’s Assembly meets. The various revolutionary factions coalesce, attempting to find common ground and a shared path forward.

We play a very loose hack of The Quiet Year, by Avery Alder, adapted to tell a story of the early days of a revolution. There are loose alliances, attempts to find consensus and meaning, and wrangling over what the revolution actually means.


The Ginnels: A group of radicals formed mostly from the workers of Calvary. They are radical and focused on direct action. They demand a total dismantling of Embrace’s political structures. Notable members: Boleth Erul Cater (prominent revolutionary), Boctive Deign (revolutionary thinker) Nilkat (firebrand and organiser), Xenarus Crow (Maybe leader)

People’s Ward of Atrium: Formed from a mix of Atrium’s workers, shopkeepers and lower-middle classes. They are internally divided between those who see reform as a path forward, and those more radical who align closely to the Ginnels. Notable members: Serrivomer Glass (Warden of Atrium), Coryl nim Triss (prominent shopkeeper)

The Associated Interests of Tail’s End: A group of ghosts seeking community and purpose, drawn into the revolution by necessity. Notable members: Trilvo (matron of Tail’s End), Artelish Scarren (clerk)

The Loven Street Baricadeers: A mix of radicals, criminals and workers from Loven Street, initially striking over rent. Notable members: Brahal Fret (Viol leader), Branch (Liklihood Lad clerk)

Winter’s Lodge: A group of weavers and ghosts, offering sanctuary to those who need it. Notable members: Environ Yves (weaver), Ido Ozk Erut (weaver)

Laceport Beneficiaries: Seeking protection for the docks and recognition for their communal membership model. They control trade for the revolution.

The Hoskers: Drawn from University students and the middle classes of Atrium. Radical by their family’s standards, reactionary centrists by the revolution’s. Notable members: Darjan Husk

The Ardent: A group of Rushes’ immigrants, seeking the disarmament of the Jackals.

Episode title from Sitting on a Fence, by The Housemartins

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Hosted by Adam Dixon. Starring Beck Michalak, Elizabeth Simoens, Ryan Evans, Steve Martin and Thryn Henderson.

Produced by Thryn Henderson

Series art by Ben Swinden

Music taken from Kai Engel’s Satin