“The early sessions were long and chaotic, stretching through night and dawn. We slept on the hall’s pews, rather than leaving. Fuelled by a freedom centuries hoped for, it would take time to find our structure and rhythm. There were proposals about fundamental rights alongside those for docking permits, debates about abolition of the swifts alongside those about local bridge tolls.”

The people of Embrace march. A number greater than the city has ever seen, drawn from across Limbus and Holm, Hinter and Acreage, Calvary and Limbus. The streets, ever hot and humid, fill with their press of body, banner and song.

At their head is the Assembly, that council of the revolution whole. They lead the march up the winding streets of Marrow Hill, clutching their declaration. They mean to declare the people’s right to self-rule.

Meanwhile, hoping to make the most of this distraction, Ivar, Rhian and Oken move on Marrow with their own purpose. At the top of the hill is Parsant’s great temple of the maelstrom. The Pale Lanterns, holding a cache of spirit weapons, make their nest inside.

~~ PEOPLE ~~

Carn nim Daker: The ancient founder of the Tenders, the slayer of Caerdroia and Rodella. Body mythologised, sai rule the Jackals still.

Rhian Fetch-Grimoire: A former member of the Shepherds of the Roil, sworn to keep envoys from Embrace. Ivar’s sister.


Pale Lanterns: A group once founded to guide stray spirits, but over time their purpose has slipped from benevolent, to enforcers, to oppressors.

Parsant: The main religion of Embrace, founded on a rejection of the remnants as divine and a centring of human importance.

~~ PLACES ~~

Marrow: A ward at Embrace’s heart, built over Caerdroia’s maelstrom. A hill rises to dominate the city, both geographically and politically.

Temple of the Maelstrom: Along with Rialla’s Harbour, one of Embrace’s two main temples. It is built atop the Marrow and is rumoured to be constructed over Caerdroia’s body.

The Winter’s Lodge: A place pulled out from the cut. A shifting collection of mismatched architecture. A shell for the gall.

Episode title from Take Me To Church by Hozier

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