c/w prisons, jailbreak, murder

“We declare now the institution of the Common Government of Embrace and proclaim immediate:

  1. The dissolution of Embrace’s council.
  2. The institution of an Assembly representative of the city’s common citizenry.
  3. That this Assembly establish a constitution by which a future government will be formed. It will provide governance during this transitional period, and no person shall hold it back from these duties.
  4. Citizens of houses Callad, Daker, Prilicent, Shif, their invested lesser houses and those serving the former council are forbidden from sitting in the Assembly.”

In the dark hour before dawn, a fleet of ships—fishing ships and trade barges, rowboats and one-person yachts, narrowboats out of the canal’s comfort—break the harbour of Laceport and sail purposefully towards Lastreach.

That final island, downstream on the Trill, has served Embrace with a multitude of purposes. Holy ground, watchpost, fort, arable hills for goats, neutral ground, a villa. Now though, it stands as a symbol of tyranny. There is found the city’s jail, and too many languish forgotten on that craggy redoubt.

~~ PEOPLE ~~

Anancrik Rise: Leader of the Flint Street Knappers. Once a friend of Ezra and Nilkat, but life has taken them on a different path.

Jossa Stoic: Crik’s second in command. Tough and trustworthy, respected by all the Knappers.

Nilkat: A former factory mechanic, turned revolutionary. A member of the Ginnels and our story’s narrator.


Flint Street Knappers: A gang operating out of Limbus Ward, who use gliders to get around. Most are from families with heritage in the Rushes.

Laceport Beneficiaries: An illegal, roaming co-op dock that feeds the people of Calvary.

Ministry of the True: Agents of the council who wield extra-judiciary powers and private militias.

nim Callad: The former monarchs of Embrace, who refuse to release their grip on their burnished gold. They own most of the city’s land, extracting extortionate rents.

~~ PLACES ~~

Calvary: The most densely packed ward, filled with too-small houses and windmill factories. There are rumours that you can disappear into the Cut if you take the wrong turning.

Lastreach: The island furthest downstream at the confluence of the Trill and the Callad. It currently serves as the cities notorious jail.

Episode title from Salem by Bon Iver

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Produced by Thryn Henderson

Series art by Ben Swinden

Music taken from Kai Engel’s Satin

Paper sound effect by GJOS on freesound.