C/W: Mention of family death

“When a remnant demands beauty, give your eyes so it can see its land.

When a remnant demands expression, give your tongue so it can speak.

When a remnant demands knowledge, give your thoughts so it can understand.

When a remnant demands service, give your body so it can act.

When a remnant demands certainty, give your spirit so it can judge.

When a remnant demands death, give your life so it can be put to a higher purpose.”

– a prayer recorded on a Voek grave, Cenja

Amongst the stone and root of Cenja, Belka meets envoys of the remnant Duier. They barter for the caravan’s right to cross its land. Meanwhile, at the caravan, Strael repeats their demands.

Belka shares a name, Challa asks for help, Venz meets Strael and Bris agrees to a camping trip.

Hosted by Adam Dixon (@adtidixon). Featuring Ryan Evans (@brainxray), Steve Martin (@purple_steve), Thryn Henderson (@thairyn) and Ziz Simoens (@seasylphgames).

Produced by Thryn Henderson and Adam Dixon.
Cover art by Allissa Chan (@formyths).
Rules are available at adtidi.itch.io/ryne.

Sound clips from Kyster and Daenerys at freesound.org

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