“As the eater of gods approached, Duier set out its last will and testament – and Corpus would be stricken from it. Carn Vers was its bastion and from that broken mountain it directed its servants. 

Those who could rushed to the borders, carrying Cenja’s secrets with them. That which was left behind, Grafan buried – so deep as to never be disinterred. Duier’s great library was unwritten, given to Belka, the only person used to carrying such sorrow. Its buildings were torn down, gravestones shattered, engravings uncarved themselves. 

One by one its envoys became a part of Duier once more. Then, when it could hold Corpus back no longer, it brought about its own end. Keen, once a priest of a ghostly moon, saw to both of their unravellings.”

Hey all, this week’s episode is a special one. It features three stories, each tying up some the events of the first season. With the final episodes each being individual ones, we wanted to bring everything together and give an impression of where all the pieces ended up.

We also wanted to share a few production updates, which are gone into in more detail in the episode, but essentially:

  • Tuesday, 11th February, we’re doing a Q&A about our first season. You can join us live at 9pm GMT – we’ll link from our twitter – or we’ll be releasing it as a later episode.
  • We’re going to be taking some time before releasing season 2 – we want to make sure that that season is the best it can be. We have some episodes lined up before we kick off – the Q&A and a Shard & Fragments episode – so we’ll probably be sticking to our release schedule.
  • Season 2 is Embrace. We’re going to be playing Blades in the Dark, by John Harper. We’ll be telling another story set in Ryne, but around 25 years earlier.
  • The second season of Tiding will be after Embrace – we’re imagining it’ll be sometime in 2021, depending on how long the next season is.

As always, thank you so much for listening. We wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing without you. x

Hosted by Adam Dixon (@adtidixon).

Featuring Ryan Evans (@brainxray), Steve Martin (@purple_steve), Thryn Henderson (@thairyn) and Ziz Simoens (@seasylphgames).

Produced by Thryn Henderson and Adam Dixon.

Show cover art by Allissa Chan (@formyths). Eulogy cover art by Beck Michalak (@r_michalak)

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Sound clips from rui-aires and thefilmbakery at freesound.org