BONUS: Cut That Out #1

Episode contains spoilers for Tiding season one.

Hi everyone! Due to a combination of deadlines and illness we’re not releasing a new Embrace episode this week. We’re going to take a little bit more time to put the episode together, we’ll be releasing it next Sunday instead.

We’re releasing this bonus clips episode in its place. It’s a collection of outtakes, goofs, and pre-recording chat that didn’t make it into the episodes. Enjoy!

A Quick Announcement and Q&A Link

Hi everyone! We’ve got no new episode this week. We were planning on editing together the Q&A we recorded a couple of weeks back on Twitch, but we had some technical glitches. Instead, we’ve put the full recording on our youtube channel for people to watch. Hopefully, we’ll be able to edit the Q&A at some point in the future for people to listen to as a podcast episode, but for now, we’re moving onto the production of Embrace.