Episode contains spoilers for Tiding season one.

Hi everyone! Due to a combination of deadlines and illness we’re not releasing a new Embrace episode this week. We’re going to take a little bit more time to put the episode together, we’ll be releasing it next Sunday instead.

We’re releasing this bonus clips episode in its place. It’s a collection of outtakes, goofs, and pre-recording chat that didn’t make it into the episodes. Enjoy!

If you’re part of our discord you might have heard these clips before. If you’re not, come and join and chat about the show. We often share little bonus bits like this there, whether that’s silly clips that were too good to leave unheard or behind the scenes looks at These Flimsy Rituals. Also, if you’re into the rules for Tiding and want to know more about the game, Ryne, Adam shares glimpses into the development of the game there too.

As always, we wanted to say thank you for continuing to listen to and support the show. We’ve been doing this for nearly two years now and getting shares, reviews, and feedback from our fans is the thing that motivates us to keep doing this. One of the genuinely nice things about doing both Tiding and Embrace has been seeing you all talking about the characters and scenes you’ve enjoyed!

Cheers from The Flimsy Rituals crew!