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Tiding 07: Friends, Un/Accounted For

C/W: death, dead body

“Every settlement here has its own ways of celebrating our remnants arrival, because we know that with it comes Spring. That in its tred wildflowers grow like footprints, birds settle to nest and the land begins to warm, ready for the sewing of the year’s first crops.Spring spreads through the land in a great circle. The Sharrow’s passing is a signal for life to wake. I have spent half a life trying to trace the Sharrow, to give detail to its movements. This is what I know.” 

– Cast

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Tiding 03: Stragglers

C/W: minor horror, implied offscreen death

“This is not the first time we’ve been forced to leave our homes behind. Nearly fifty years ago – before most of us were born – we lived in a different place, way to the west. There, on an island blanketed in colourless fog, our parents and grandparents lived in a town called Brisal. They didn’t need to wear veils, their eyes perfectly suited to the shifting shades of mist.”

– an excerpt from the letters of Jeddah Assum