“I kept a record of every day, overwrote each one the next. Not the normal practice, but the days all seemed like one: a heavy pause, a stutter. I replaced all of our yesterday’s like I could erase this endless hesitation, as though the village wasn’t there at all.”

– Belka

The first play episode of Tiding – a story of a community doing their best to survive in indifferent landscapes.

Two weeks ago the people of Ninut fled their homes to avoid a deadly storm, following the mysterious Parish to Etrys. There they wait, hoping for more stragglers to follow them.

Challa uncovers a strange secret in the basements below Etrys, Bris meets a familiar stranger, Venz searches for flinthooks and Belka discovers stew.

After a dire warning is shared, the people of Ninut face a difficult decision.

Hosted by Adam Dixon (@adtidixon). Featuring Ryan Evans (@brainxray), Steve Martin (@purple_steve), Thryn Henderson (@thairyn) and Ziz Simoens (@seasylphgames).

Produced by Thryn Henderson (@thairyn).
Cover art by Allissa Chan (@formyths).
Sound clips from bbcsfx.acropolis.org.uk and thefilmbakery on freesound.org

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