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Tiding 22: Bound

CW: Violence, memory loss

“My own mission progresses. I am closer to Venz than ever before. You may question the wisdom of focusing on him and not the Splinters, but I suspect a connection their. That their paths lead to the same place. If strength and conviction were the weapons of your other soldiers, patience is mine.”

   –   Rugate Ullun Bakkal

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Tiding 21: Making a Statement

CW: Violence, memory loss

“If you’re reading this, if you’re the one they’ve sent, this is my record. If this monk does their job right, after this I won’t remember any of what happened. I don’t know who I’ll be, but I will be no threat to you. I beg you to take this book, and destroy it if that’s what you want, but let me live out whatever life I have left.”

– Serrata Paige

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Tiding 19: Welcome to Lentil

“Our practice is about untangling memory. Done well, the petitioner should have no sense of the memory they wanted rid of. This means that our work will often be tedious, we must cultivate patience. Learn to see that network of roots attached to each memory, and work slowly to pry each one free leaving stone intact.”

– Notes on Our Practice, by the Judgemental Observer Axenius

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Tiding 18: Forces in Play

“But to do this is to ignore all of the different forces in play. It ignores the Splintered Breath, that group of renegade snarls, already planning their audacious robbery of the monk’s library – willing to risk everything to find a trace of their absent prophet. It ignores those opposing them. Snarl-hunters from the Conclave of Sima, who would let the library go up in flames, if it meant catching their quarry. It ignores too the ambitions of the monk’s supposed allies, the Satraphy of Pheretrere, who, fearing the Conclave’s interference, moved to reaffirm the loyalty of the Revenant Chorus – by whatever means that would take.”

– The Counterfeit God: A History of Corpus by Avyn Fiir Vorunt

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Tiding 17: Clean Slate

C/W: terminal illness, death, bugs

“I never thought I’d be able to think of this place as a home, but it wasn’t half bad for a while. But life being the way it is, the things we were running from caught up with us. And now, as I find myself desperately wanting to forget, to leave this place, I find myself weighed down – as if by stone.”

– The memories of Tiller Bract, recorded by The Distractible Sepult Charus

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Tiding 16: A Fistful of Feathers

“But, Corpus did not lie idle. It had begun to proliferate outwards from Carn Veskl; folded the power claimed from Slumber and Strael into its whole. And by spore and ice wind and tunnel, spread.

In the Sharrow it found easy pickings, the land defenceless following its remnant’s murder. Now in control of Strael’s frozen wake, it stretched itself over the territory.

Then, it turned East. Began to track those who had eluded it in the caves, the ones that had turned its powers against it. It put its newfound strength to the test against Cenja. And, while Duier did its best to hold back Corpus’ fury, its victory seemed an inevitability.”

– Avyn Fiir Vorunt

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Tiding 15: Secrets, Loosely Held

C/W: upsetting scenes

“I knew then that if I was to do this right, I would need to get close. I would have to map the full extent of Venz’s influence – find out whether it spread elsewhere, to see whether the two children might be redeemed under the Conclave’s tutelage.
And only then, I would strike. I would destroy the stem of weed, but destroy it right down to the roots.
Yours in faithful service,
Rugate Ullun Bakkal”

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Tiding 14: Memento Mori

C/W: Mention of family death

“When a remnant demands beauty, give your eyes so it can see its land.

When a remnant demands expression, give your tongue so it can speak.

When a remnant demands knowledge, give your thoughts so it can understand.

When a remnant demands service, give your body so it can act.

When a remnant demands certainty, give your spirit so it can judge.

When a remnant demands death, give your life so it can be put to a higher purpose.”

– a prayer recorded on a Voek grave, Cenja