“Belka, you asked me before about my exile, about how I came to join Vilte’s parish, about why I left Embrace. I think I’m just about ready to tell that story. Now, there’s a lot to hear – about the revolution, about the Ginnels and the Swifts, the bastard nim Shifs and the defiant Maybes.

First though, let’s start with what’s important: that city is a fucking hole.”

Welcome to season two of These Flimsy Rituals: Embrace. We’re playing a game of Blades in the Dark by John Harper, telling the story of a revolution in a city built on the corpses of two dead gods.

This season takes place in the same world as season one, Tiding, but it’s telling a stand-alone story. You don’t have to have listened to that season to listen to Embrace – in fact, we feel that Embrace to be a really good point to jump in. It’s set 25 years before the events of Tiding, it’s a little bit faster-paced, it’s going to be shorter and more focused.

This is the first of our worldbuilding episodes. We play The Ground Itself by Everest Pipkin, a game about places over time. In this, and the next two episodes, we’ll be focusing on one part of our city – Atrium – to build a picture of what life here is like.

Finally, we have a gorgeous map for the new season, created by Ben Swinden (@benswinden on Twitter). All of our new episode images, twitter banners etc. are taken from it. 

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Hosted by Adam Dixon.

Starring Beck Michalak, Elizabeth Simoens, Ryan Evans, Steve Martin and Thryn Henderson.

Produced by Thryn Henderson.

Series art by Ben Swinden.

Music taken from Kai Engel’s Satin.