c/w earthquake, discussion of murder

“In sessions over in Marrow, in the ransacked halls of the Arrad Chambers, they advocated for great sums of money to go to the Bridgers to repair their tarnished heirloom.  We’d not get a penny of it. We were left to fend for ourselves. ”


An earthquake rocks Embrace. The land that-two years ago-started moving beneath Atrium, shifts again.

With little time to reflect on their scores, most of the crew of the Jubilant Maybe rush back to their homes and families. Later there will be a chance to consider what they’ve done, but now it’s time to help, to aid, to pitch in.

~~ PEOPLE ~~

Amris Graft: Ezra’s mam. A community organiser and member of the Painted Hands.

Cherin & Zedek nim Gorse: Neah’s parents. They are part of the ambitious middle classes, trying to earn their place in Embrace’s high society.

Oken nim Shif (fake): An imposter. Chosen and trained by his family to be a much more controllable tool of propaganda. Killed by his namesake.

Scran: A radical pamphleteer and friend of Ezra.

Serrivomer Glass: The unofficial Warden, elected by the people of Atrium. Member of the Tanner’s Union, a radical and a friend of Lena.


Pamphleteers: A collective of independent publishers, mostly radical in their writing. Distributors of much of Embrace’s political critique.

~~ PLACES ~~

People’s Ward of Atrium: An old neighbourhood near the docks, once home to wholesale markets and cafes. It has declared itself its own ward, with an unofficially elected Warden.

Tail’s End: A community, built by spirits, at the tip of Rodella’s tail. A ramshackle ghost town, radical in outlook.


Episode title from Rag’N’Bone Man’s Lay My Body Down


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Hosted by Adam Dixon. Starring Beck Michalak, Elizabeth Simoens, Ryan Evans, Steve Martin and Thryn Henderson.

Produced by Thryn Henderson

Series art by Ben Swinden

Music taken from Kai Engel’s Satin