“We searched for ages for rumour, for story, for precedent for what we were about to do. If anyone before us had created a remnant, perhaps then the path that we were on wasn’t heresy, perhaps what we were creating wouldn’t be an abomination.

The closest we could find was a collection of stories from the Sounds; of something called the Spindle, called the Anchor, called Nepps.” – A fragment from the memories of Serrata Paige.


Along the ocean floor, ten great trunks move – their every step disturbing centuries of silt and sediment. Follow one of those legs upwards – drifting past a mile of singing barnacle and coral – until you begin to see sunlight breaking above. There you will find the legs’ meeting point, a great crag of calcium and basalt that breaches the sea’s surface. Behold Inahus, the great wandering titan who collects secrets from the salted winds.

On Inahus’ island, a group gathers – Occlo, Hiseka, Vade. Their backs are bent, their brows furrowed as they work to realise an impossible dream. Together with the remnant, they are going to create something beautiful – not envoy, not remnant, but something new. A life unique to Ryne, a creature of curiosity to help them understand the world.


This is part one of a two-part special, we play the eponymous This Thing We Started by Tracy Barnett. It’s a game about being on the trail of your creation. You created it, but now it has broken free. Who are you, its creators? What have you made? At some point you will come face to face with it – will you destroy it, or will it destroy you?

For these specials, we welcome two of Rusty Quill‘s own. This episode, we welcome special guest Helen Gould. In part two, The Brokenhearted, we welcome Ben Meredith. We’re delighted to have them both on the show, telling sad stories with us.


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Hosted by Adam Dixon. Starring special guest Helen Gould alongside Elizabeth Simoens and Steve Martin.

Produced by Thryn Henderson

Ocean sounds by esh9419 from freesound.org