“But what they created wasn’t remnant or envoy, it was something different. The many stories differ on what – a drifter, a machine, a seeker, a monster. For years it wandered, collecting tales as others would figurines. Everywhere it went new stories blossomed, until, they just stopped.” – a fragment from the memories of Serrata Paige.


Cast out, Nepps wanders the patchwork of Ryne. It drifts through the Oceans, climbs mountain, wanders desert others would find inhospitable. Its curiosity alight, it scours the world for understanding. Everywhere it goes it collects, gathering threads of spirit around itself like a blanket of concept, emotion and resonance. And, as it travels, it changes.

On its trail are its creators. Occlo, Hiseka, Vade, and envoys of the remnant Inahus. They mean to capture it, to undo its growth. It’s inevitable that they will catch it, but when that happens will they destroy Nepps, or will Nepps destroy them?


This is part two of a two-part special. We play the eponymous The Brokenhearted by Tracy Barnett. It’s a game about being a creation, on the run from those who made you. You have broken free into the world. What do you find? How do you change? At some point you will come face to face with your creators – will you destroy them, or will they destroy you?

For these specials, we welcome two of Rusty Quill‘s own. This episode, we welcome special guest Ben Meredith. In part one, This Thing We Started, we welcomed Helen Gould. We’re delighted to have them both on the show, telling sad stories with us.


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Hosted by Thryn Henderson. Starring special guest Ben Meredith alongside Beck Michalak and Ryan Evans.

Produced by Thryn Henderson

Ocean sounds by esh9419 from freesound.org