CW: possession, bothering animals

“I sent them to the Cut because it seemed like the best place for them. It’s obviously not a safe-house, but it were out of the authority’s control. As close to out of the city as I could get the Jubilant.  They’d still have to survive, to be canny; but at least there wouldn’t be half a city baying for their blood. If I’d known what was waiting for them down there…

I don’t know. I don’t think there was any other choice to make…”


The Jubilant Maybe lay low in the Cut. While they look for clues about the whereabouts of Oken, they have a chance to catch their breath and pay attention to their surroundings.

First on the agenda is finding a way to the strange garden that Roan nim Ovid had been cultivating under Atrium. The Ginnels have had no word from them since the Earthquake. The messenger that they sent out, Midrib, has gone missing too. The Jubilant begin their search, trying to trace a path through the unmappable.

Ash looks for familiar markings, Neah plays with strange light, Ezra recruits new messengers and Ivar finds a pub (kind of).

~~~ PEOPLE ~~~

Foible: A former member of the Ginnels, a protest prepper. Killed by the Swifts on the night of the earthquake.

Midrib: One of Atrium’s dodgers, who sells the scrap, trinkets and treasures they find in the Castings. Ash’s pal.

Roan: A former Umbal Provender who left to study the strangeness of the Cut. Related to Ash and Galena.

~~~ FACTIONS ~~~

The Garden: A garden cultivated by Roan nim Ovid and Renna under Atrium. They grow strange plants inside the Cut, experimenting with its weird natures.

~~~ PLACES ~~~

The Cut: A ghostly echo of Embrace. Caerdroia’s labyrinth unspooled into unknowable maze. A broken assortment of bismuth lined tunnels that runs over, under and parallel to the physical city.


Episode title from Guising by There Will Be Fireworks


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Hosted by Adam Dixon. Starring Beck Michalak, Elizabeth Simoens, Ryan Evans, Steve Martin and Thryn Henderson.

Produced by Thryn Henderson

Series art by Ben Swinden

Music taken from Kai Engel’s Satin